Mariëtte was born in the Netherlands and lived for three years in Randolph, NJ, USA. Until now she had four very successful shows, including two in New Jersey. Mariëtte has always experimented with fabrics since she was a young child. She began to use fabric in an artistic way about fifteen years ago. She prefers working with natural fibers as the material is warm and living. It feels good to work with and lends itself to create a perfect combination of texture, color, and light. After taking a few workshops in fiber art, she decided to experiment on her own and has developed her own techniques and style.

The wall hangings she makes are made of wool which she cleans, dyes, and felts herself. Her creations feature the magical world of flower gardens, lily ponds, the seasons, often peopled with elves and fairies, while animals peek out from various hiding places. Each piece has a magical feel, a sense of an enchanted scene where anything is possible. The wall hangings (size mostly 70x45cm) are exceptional for imaginative themes and three dimensional appearance.

The flower fairies (size about 12cm) she makes were inspired by MC Barkerís watercolor books. They each represent a certain flower and are exquisitely detailed. It is a challenge for her to make them as detailed as possible.

A new technique came to her some time ago; she started with needle felting. From now on she uses this for her wall hangings but also to create fantasy wool sculptures.

Mariëtte plans to further develop her application of textiles in art, creating "giants and dwarfs". She is always willing to take commissions and give workshops.


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